CO-curricular Activities

St. Cyprian High School Kyabakadde has carefully and purposefully designed life outside the classroom. We engage our students in football, netball, scouting, volleyball, basketball just to mention but a few.

Parents are strongly encouraged to ensure that their children are involved in at least one co-curricular activity at all time throughout their school live. It is important to note that more universities are requesting evidence of co-curricular involvement along with academic transcripts to satisfy the admissions criteria of these institutions.

Houses and Activities

There are four houses which were named after persons who have contributed to St. Cyprian High School Kyabakadde.

All Students are placed in a house when they are admitted into the school and they are expected to participate in all activities of the house.

The Houses are:

House details and history

Music Dance & Dramma Term One annually
Sports Day Term Two once in two  years

Music Dance and Drama

This activity is held once every year and it is normally driven by a specific theme.  Participation is by each of the six houses which compete in items which may include all or most of the following;

  • Set piece
  • Poem/Speech
  • Play
  • Solo (Traditional/western)
  • Traditional folk songs
  • Traditional folk dances
  • Track songs


The school offers a number of sports activities to the learners. The following are the available games and sports activities at St. Cyprian High School Kyabakadde

No Sport Gender
Football Boys/Staff
Netball Girls
Volleyball Boys/Girls
Basketball Boys/Girls
Chess Boys/Girls
Scrabble Boys/Girls
All races Boys/Girls


Sports Day is the most spectacular of all the house activities. Each house is vying for the coveted TROPHY and BULL. All first, second and third place winners receive medals, while the rest of the participants receive certificates. On this day, students are allowed to wear their house tops, with the school’s logo, sneakers and socks. Teachers, selected students usually assist the Sports Department on Sports Day.

Eliminations for 100m, 200m, and 400m events and finals for long jump, high jump, Shot Putt, Discus and 1500m are held two to three (2-3) days before Sports Day.

Sports Day commences at 7:30 a. m. with the Dress Parade. The Judges usually consists of persons from outside the school community. After the Dress Parade, the students line up behind the Cheerleaders in the order that the houses were positioned in the last Sports Day. The results for each event are announced over the Public Address System.


The school encourages Field Trips in several areas. Every effort is made to provide the safest conditions as it relates to transportation and the other aspects of these visits. All activities and events away from the school campus require the approval of the parent/guardian of students.

A letter communicating the details of such trips to the
Parent/Guardian is normally sent home with the student. Accompanying each letter is the Consent Form, which must be signed by parent or guardian and returned to the Form Teacher or the Office before the student participates in the event.

Most of the trips are one-day events while some can be in the range of three to five days, especially to students taking Geography.

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Tribute Song to the Late Archbishop Dr. Cyprian Kizito Lwanga, Patron and Founder of St. Cyprian High School Kyabakadde